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Caskets, Urns & Vaults


Augusta – Oak, Traditional
Elohim – Mahogany Finish, Poplar, Traditional
Elohim – Walnut Finish, Poplar, Traditional
Harrison Bronze Casket
Harrison Bronze – Solid Bronze
Hezekiah All Wood Construction Mahogany Casket
Hezekiah – Mahogany, Traditional
Isiah – Mahogany Finish, Poplar, Traditional
Jahleel, all wood poplar casket
Jahleel – All Wood Casket, Walnut Finish, Poplar, Traditional
Jericho – Pine, Traditional
Jerusalem All Wood Casket
Jerusalem – Cherry, Traditional
Monticello Walnut Casket
Monticello – Solid Walnut
Obadiah, all wood casket, poplar
Obadiah – Walnut Finish, Poplar, Traditional
Olympus Mahogany Casket
Olympus – Georgetown Mahogany
Parliament Mahogany Casket
Parliament – Solid American Mahogany
Shalom – Walnut Finish, Pine, Traditional
Square Pine, Traditional
Titan, steel casket
Titan – Steel Construction
Venice Cherry
Zion – Light Walnut Finish, Traditional


Bamboo Wood
Brass and Aluminum Glenwood Blue Marble
Brass and Aluminum Glenwood White Marble
Ceramic Plum Blossom
Ceramic Rose Bouquet
Cloisonne Etienne Butterfly
Cultured Marble (Multiple Colors)
Fiberboard Cherry Finish
Solid Alder Cherry Finish
Solid Oak

Vaults & Liners

30" standard grave liner
30″ Standard Grave Liner
Cameo Rose Triune
Cameo Rose Triune
Continental Lined Vault
Monarch Unlined Vault
Monarch Unlined Vault
Monticello Lined Vault
Bronze Triune
Triune Bronze Vault
Copper Triune
Triune Copper Vault
Stainless Steel Triune
Triune Stainless Steel
Gold Venetian
Venetian Lined Vault
Wilbert Bronze Vault
Wilbert Bronze Vault
Wilbert Tribute


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